Who We Help

Here's who we helped in 2016!

  • 43 year old single mother diagnosed with Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia on New Year’s Eve day was told she had a 15-23% chance of survival. Funds needed for rent and food. One of her greatest worries- how she will have the strength to cook dinner for her 14 and 17 year old children and what she should say to her children about her future.
  • 52 Year old man diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma underwent stem cell transplant. Subsequently lost vision in one eye.  Achieved brief remission, and the cancer returned.  While driving to NYC to see the doctor, he lost most of his vision in the second eye.  His girlfriend utilized every sick/vacation day and is no longer able to transport him to doctor visits. Although he has health insurance, there were many ‘surprise’ bills from non-participating providers. He awaits an upcoming second bone marrow transplant.
  • 36 year old newlywed man, Stage III Colon Cancer underwent multiple surgeries and chemo treatments, a colostomy and an ileostomy. Unable to pay rent and everyday living expenses, as his wife lost her job during family leave and she has been unable to find new employment. Family and friends helped while they could.
  • 60 year old disabled man diagnosed with lung cancer applied for funds to put his truck back on the road, as he regularly missed chemo treatment 8 miles from home (so close but yet so far) due to unreliable transportation. TLF paid for registration of the vehicle and the first few months of insurance, where after payments will be made by his girlfriend, who is also on disability for a seizure disorder.
  • 2 year old boy with a brain tumor whose family needed help covering the costs of transportation, medical bills and household expenses while mom is on FMLA.
  • 62 year old man with lung cancer requiring assistance with costs of transportation to Cancer Treatment Center of America, where he was seeking another opinion after being advised that there was no other treatment available to him.
  • 30 year old woman with breast cancer underwent chemo and mastectomy. She needed help with medical bills, travel and mortgage.
  • 48 year old man with Stage IV carcinoma of the larynx undergoing daily radiation for 6 weeks required help with transportation to and from his treatments. Funds were used for car related expenses and mortgage payments.
  • 58 year old woman with incurable lung cancer needed help with homeowners and car insurance, as well as brakes for her car.
  • 61 year old woman with endometrial cancer needed assistance covering transportation fees to medical facility 20 miles away, for 18 weeks of chemo, while her husband worked in a distant county. A one-way taxi ride was $41.




We have helped patients ranging in age from 2 to 66. They and their families were burdened by the many expenses incurred while getting well, like medication, transportation and accommodation costs related to treatment and even household living expenses, like rent, utilities, food, and daycare.


Without the kindness and generosity of our sponsors, event participants, and donors, we would not be able to improve the lives of patients, while they direct all their energy toward 'getting well.'

For that, we THANK YOU.

Mission Statement:

The Trevor Loughlin Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to assisting individuals battling blood cancers and other acute catastrophic illnesses in the Hudson Valley NY region (or with a nexus to the Trevor Loughlin Foundation, Inc.)

The Trevor Loughlin Foundation, Inc. has discretionary funds that can be used to assist patients and their families with medical and related living expenses incurred while trying to get well, and grants are being made for such purpose.

 Eligibility Requirements:

  • You are a current patient, undergoing treatment.
  • You have been diagnosed with a blood cancer or acute catastrophic illness.
  • You reside in the Hudson Valley, NY region, or are an individual residing elsewhere who has a sufficient nexus to the Trevor Loughlin Foundation, Inc. (as determined by the Trevor Loughlin Grant Committee).

General Information

The Trevor Loughlin Foundation will issue grants in an amount up to $1,500 per person, per application. Grant monies can be applied to:

  • Medical Bill/Medications
  • Travel/Accommodation Expenses Related To Treatment
  • Utilities
  • Childcare
  • Rent/Mortgage
  • Car Payments


For more information about how to apply for a grant, contact Suzy Loughlin at 845 794 8000, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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