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Q: How can I become a bone marrow donor? You can ‘get swabbed’ at the bone marrow tent at the health fair. Anyone between the ages of 18-55 (barring certain medical conditions) can become a donor.Visit www.deletebloodcancer.org for more information.



Q:   Can I bring my dog? SORRY, BUT NO. We love dogs, but for liability reasons, our four-legged friends are no longer permitted at the event- that means on the course and in the courtyard/tents where pre and post-race activities are held.

Q: Can I walk? Yes, we love our ‘ramblers’. For safety reasons, we ask the ramblers to line up behind the runners at the start line.

Q:  Is skating or cycling allowed? No, for safety reasons we don’t permit rollerblades, Heelies, roller skates, scooters or bicycles. Only registered wheel-chair and hand-cyclist participants are permitted.

Q: Are baby strollers allowed? Strollers are welcome, however, runners with strollers must line up at the back of the pack, and allow the field to spread out before proceeding at a full pace. Walkers with strollers are likewise asked to line up at the back of the walkers.Remember, children riding in strollers cannot have bib #s with chips. The time recorded will be of the individual pushing the stroller. Otherwise, the results will be impacted to the detriment of children under 10 who are running or walking on their own accord.

Q: What if it rains?  In general, no matter what the weather, the R4 will go on. Only severe lightning will delay the event.  Our paramount concern is the safety of our participants.

Q: Is water provided on the course? Yes. Water is provided at mile 1, 2, and the finish line.

 Q: Is there assistance available if I can’t do the whole course? An ambulance seeps the course, following the last walker. There is also an ambulance at the finish line. If you have a problem, notify one of the volunteers on the course—located at all turns and water stops.

Q: Where do I park when I get to the Race? There is parking available at the Frontier building on Lake Louise Marie Rd. 

Q: Can we participate as a team? Teams are non-competitive.. Join with your friends, family, co-workers. Show that team spirit through wearing matching Tees or something esle that identifies your team.

Q: Can friends and family attend even if they are not participating in the race? Yes friends and family are welcome to enjoy the post- race entertainment and fun.

Q: Is there a charity partner for the R4? Yes- both the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Trevor Loughlin Foundation, Inc. All monies raised through registration fees and sponsor contributions (unless indicated otherwise) are contributed to LLS. All raffle sales and donations (unless indicated otherwise) are contributed to the Trevor Loughlin Foundation, Inc.

Q: Are there awards? Yes- top three in each five-year age group, men and women; all children 10 and under. Overall Top 3- Male and Female - $300, $200, $100; Masters Overall Male and Female, 45+, $150.

Q: What is the course record? Men: 14:33 Harbert Okeiti; Women: 16:46 Claudia Carmago

Q: Are there public bathrooms? There are portajohns available for all. There are no indoor bathrooms available. Please use the facilities as early as possible. Race starts promptly at 9AM and there always is a line at the portajohns. Not because there aren’t enough, but because people wait until the last minute.

Q: Where can I get a map of the course? The course can be viewed at www.rockhillrun.com. Course maps will be available at registration.

Q: Where is the starting line? The race starts just before the upper entrance to Frontier (by the former Dodge Inn Restaurant)

Q: Where is the finish line? The finish line is located a few yards in from the stone pillar entrance to Emerald Green, just opposite the Frontier building, on North Emerald Drive.

Q: Is smoking allowed on the premises? No. Smoking is prohibited on all Frontier property.



Q: Where can I buy raffle tickets before race day? Call 845 794 8000 and speak to Suzy.

Q: How can I arrange to help sell raffles? Call 845 794 8000.

Q: How will I know if I won a raffle prize? Raffle winners will be posted on the R4 website the day after the race. Winners will also be called or emailed, based on the info on the ticket stub.

Q: Where do I pick up my prize? Raffle prizes can be mailed (gift certificates) or picked up at:

Law Offices of ML Zager, 461 Broadway, Monticello, NY 12701.

Q: Where does the money raised from raffle sales go? Monies raised from the sale of raffles are contributed to the Trevor Loughlin Foundation, Inc., which issues grants to patients in the R4 community who are battling blood cancer and other acute catastrophic conditions.



Q:  Can someone else pick up my packet? Yes. The person picking up the packet(s) will need the participant’s name.  Packets cannot be exchanged, as each bib # is uniquely assigned.

Q: Is the event timed? The R4 is chip-timed, using Chronotrack. The results are calculated based on ‘gun start’ and ‘chip finish’.If you are a fast runner, make sure you position yourself at the front of the start line.

Q: Why isn't a 'chip start' used to calculate a runner's time?  Several reasons:

--The R4 is a race. Fiirst to the finish line wins. The fastest people are racing the fastest people, not someone who may have started 30 seconds back.

 --Athletes can 'game the system' with chip times. If an athlete is late, he/she can start late and have a clear path unimpeded by other athletes and then 'win' the race. Not fair to those who battled it out at the finish line.

--If for some reason the chip time is missed at the start or the athlete goes around the start line, they could claim the award results aren't fair or accurate if their start time was missed.

 In short, gun times for awards are the fairest way.  Chip times are given for individual athlete performance purposes.


Q: Where do I attach my bib? Bibs must be worn in the front. Do not wear your bib near the finish line if you do not intend to participate, or you may inadvertently impact the time of a participant.

Q: Can I use my own chip for timing? No.  All chips are assigned to bib numbers prior to the race.

Q.: I want to sign up a team, how do I do this? When registering on-line through Chronotrack, you will be asked to enter a Team name. If using a paper registration form, indicate the Team name where indicated.

Q: What is included with my R4 Registration? Participants receive a custom R4 t-shirt, race bib, breakfast and a pasta luncheon. All children 10 and under receive a medal.

Q: Am I guaranteed a t-shirt? If you love our shirts, please PRE REGISTER. If you pre-register, you are guaranteed a t-shirt for the size you indicated on the registration form. Race day registrants are not guaranteed a t-shirt, or a particular size t-shirt, however, t-shirts will be available for the first 900. If you come back after the race you can check to see if any shirts are left over for swapping. DO NOT wear your t-shirt if you plan on attempting a swap.

Q: When and where do I pick up my race packet? Race packets can be picked up between 7AM and 8:45 AM at the Frontier courtyard on race day.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to pick up my packet? If you pre-register, nothing. Race day registrants will require a form of payment (check/cash). You will need a completed registration form with a signed waiver. Forms are available at the registration table, or can be downloaded from the website www.rockhillrun.com.

Q: I registered for the R4 but now can't participate, can I receive a refund? Sorry but unfortunately, we can't issue refunds. Please know, your registration fee benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and they, and we, are so grateful. We will also hold on to your t-shirt for 30 days and you can pick it up at our race office (461 Broadway, Monticello NY.)  

Q: I registered but now I can't participate, can I transfer my registration to someone else? Sorry. Entries are not transferable. If you are a sponsor, and need to make a change, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q: Can I obtain a bib for my baby in a stroller? No. Children who are eligible for an award in their age group must run/walk on their own. The adult pushing the child must wear the bib. Babies who ride are not permitted to have a bib.

Q: How are participant entry fees allocated? Entry fees are used first to address expenses related to staging the R4, e.g. timing, t-shirts, portajohns. The balance of funds is donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.



Q: How can I become a sponsor of the R4? http://www.rockhillrun.com/sponsor

Q: How can I become a Health Fair sponsor? http://www.rockhillrun.com/events/health-fair

Q: How are sponsor funds allocated? Sponsor funds are donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, unless otherwise directed by the sponsor. If otherwise directed, the funds are applied to the Trevor Loughlin Foundation, which issues grants to patients in the R4 community who are battling blood cancer and other acute catastrophic conditions.

Q: What do you think of your sponsors? We couldn’t do this event without them. We ask that all R4 participants support these community-minded businesses who contribute to the success of the R4.



Q: How can I become a volunteer? Call Suzy at 845 794 8000. Your position will be assigned.

Q: What time do I need to arrive if I am a volunteer:

Set Up: 6:00 AM

Registration: 6:30 AM

Raffle Sales: 7:00 AM

Water Stops: 7:45 AM

Finish Line: 8:00 AM

Traffic: 8:00 AM

Volunteers- All other: 8:00 AM

Q: What do I do when I arrive to volunteer: Sign in at the Volunteer Table

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